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6 Popular Organic Food Product Brands In India That Are Growing

Posted by Satya | Sep 11, 2020

“Being fit is 80% diet and 20% exercise – You can’t outrun your fork!”
Food nourishes your body. But organic food keeps you safe, healthy and provides wholesome nourishment. 
With endless news about unsafe modes of cultivating vegetables and other dietary foods, it is no surprise that people are leaning towards having healthy and fresh organic foods. 

In this blog, we are talking about popular organic food product brands that you can look up for when you step into a supermarket next time. 

Popular Organic Food Product Brands

Organic Tattva

Delhi-based organic food brand, Organic Tattva, sells new and characteristic nourishment products that are synthetic-free. The company offers a wide range of organic grains, cereals, and pulses for all ages with no trade-off in quality and amount. All the company products have natural nutrient enhancements that help in overall development. The products are completely free from pesticides, composts, additives. The nourishments are regular, natural, and safe to eat. 

24 Mantra

With a wide range of food departments and category of products, 24 Mantra offers its customers a wide range of food items to choose from. The brand acclaims that they are engaged with the local farmers to bring out the best organic food products right from the agricultural land, with a strict no pesticides policy.

Just Organics

Just Organics, a brand that has the most trusted and popular organic food products. It offers natural, pure, and healthy products to consumers. The brand mainly sells fresh organic fruits and vegetables with no chemical compounds involved. This brand provides fresh vegetables, fruits, personal care, cosmetics, and health supplements as well.

Conscious Food

A Mumbai-based organic brand that has both retail stores and online stores for the convenience of the clients. Conscious Food is noted for selling natural, maintainable, privately sourced, and unadulterated vegan products to different clients. This brand’s organic foods include oats, nectar, consumable oils, bundled dinners and tidbits, natural dry organic products, and regular sugar to advance physical and mental wellness for your everyday way of life. 


Farm2Kitchen is the oldest and most popular organic food brands in India. The company works with the famous tagline “Building healthy India”. They provide a wide variety of organic foods along with different qualities. The organisation works with farmers in small cities and connects them to consumers in the metro cities.

Organic India

Organic India is one of the trusted brands which offer organic gluten-free products at pocket-friendly prices. The organic food products offered by this brand are completely free from foreign chemicals and provide the essential nutrients and nourishment to the body. 

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